Founded in 2009, Aminex was an early company to recognize the potential benefits of combination drug therapy in immunotherapy. Today, combination therapy is developing rapidly and demonstrating promising results. Some of oncology’s most respected thought leaders are beginning to predict significantly improved outcomes for certain cancers based on advances in this field.


From its inception, Aminex recognized the partial cancer treatment benefits of a now off-patent drug, DFMO (eflornithine), developed more than 30 years ago. As an approved primary treatment for African sleeping sickness, DFMO has been credited for saving more than 100,000 lives. Our early goal was to design and develop a unique drug to specifically address the limitations that prevented DFMO from being approved earlier for cancer treatment. Aminex finalized development of its drug, AMXT 1501, with the express expectation of demonstrating cancer therapy benefits of the AMXT 1501/DFMO combination.  The plan to accomplish this is summarized in the preceding Introduction section.

Three key members of the original team that developed DFMO and achieved its FDA approval for African sleeping sickness now serve as advisors to Aminex.


Aminex is a small, focused and cost-effective virtual company with the goal of demonstrating beneficial effects of AMXT 1501/DFMO for human cancer patients. We no longer operate our own laboratory facilities but depend upon the contributions of a highly qualified group of consultants and contractors. The following sections contain the biographical summaries of its Directors, Management, Consultants and Scientific Advisory Board members. It is a strong and exceptionally experienced team.