• This referenced article is from the Wall Street Journal:

Cure for Weak Returns: New Cancer Technology
By Gregory and Ron Winslow, Feb. 23, 2015
This article provides an excellent description of the market’s growing enthusiasm for “immunotherapy” and the broad, strong activity being generated by this market segment. link

  • The article referenced here is from FierceBiotech. It describes the opportunity presented to Flexus Biosciences, Inc., a preclinical company as Aminex is, which was created by achieving positive results in treating mice with their small molecule drug in combination with a PD-1 checkpoint blocker antibody. PD-1 is a major cancer “checkpoint blocker” target of Bristol Meyers and Merck, each with FDA approved drugs. link
    This is an example of the active nature of the immunology segment of the marketplace. Bristol Meyers paid $1.25 billion for a company which has a small molecule drug, as Aminex does, which demonstrated positive results in animal testing when combining a mouse version of the Bristol Meyers approved PD-1 drug with the Flexus pre-clinical drug. While this is at the high end of the valuation market, there are other high-value acquisitions and partnerships.